Congratulations! You’re Pregnant!


  • Are you excited and a little scared about what is happening to you and your body?
  • Are you seeking to clear any and all fears and have an empowered and confident birth experience, no matter what?
  • Was your previous birth experience anything but sacred?

Welcome to one of life’s most transformational experiences! Becoming a parent, in the words of one of my spiritual teachers, is “a massive act of generosity, it is an offer.” What will be your offer? If you are a little trepidatious about the entire journey, you are in the right place! If you are downright afraid of the ‘pain’ of childbirth or the enormity of what it means to become a mother or father, you are also in the right place!


The Sacred Birth Workbook is your guide to creating a confident, empowered and peaceful pregnancy and will support you as you prepare for your sacred birth. It was designed over a period of 4 years of teaching the Sacred Birth Workshop and counseling expectant parents in Los Angeles and New York City.


Sacred Birth Work was created in answer to Stephanie Dawn’s inner inquiry during her two pregnancies and births of her two sons. Jasper was born at home with a midwife and a doula and Zephyr was born in the hospital with a midwife and a doula. This work was born out of Stephanie’s true need to transmute the fear that met her at every turn when she announced that she was to be having a home birth. It was also born out of the need to discuss the sanctity of birth, and specifically to discuss the true possibility and probability of experiencing a natural vaginal birth in a cultural birth landscape where unneccessary cesareans happen daily. While attending yoga classes at her local Venice yoga studio, fellow mamas would come back to class with their new babies, but had no desire to discuss their births, because they had birthed via cesarean they said. It was at that moment that she realized that something was really wrong with this picture when these healthy, yogini women of LA kept coming to class having birthed via cesarean section.


Are cesarean births at times necessary? Yes. And we thank God when they come to the rescue in true emergencies. But in our Western Medical Model of Care, where obstetricians are trained surgeons, they happen all too frequently when they are totally unnecessary. Just google unnecessary cesarean and you will see what I mean. Women are waking up. We are powerful beings and we have the God given right to birth how, when and where we want. We never need defer our inner authority to a medical authority that ‘knows better’ than we do.


The Sacred Birth Workbook looks at topics that go beyond the physical aspects of birthing a baby. It’s the discussion Stephanie wished her childbirth education classes were having. It is the exploration of pregnancy and birth as a spiritual path, an opportunity to awaken to your life and the life growing within you as a sacred and miraculous experience. It offers spiritual tools to instill peace within you and to open you up to your own divine pregnant goddesshood!


The workbook broaches the topics of:

  • Fear
  • Excellent Self-Care
  • Pleasure and Birth
  • Spiritual Tools such as Prayer, Visioning and Meditation
  • How to Create Your Sacred birth Team
  • The Postpartum Landscape


You will also find many practical suggestions and resources to support you in having mental, emotional and spiritual dominion over this prenatal experience in preparation for immanent parenthood.


Sacred Birth e-Workbook

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Love from Birth Pros and Parents:

“Birth is the fulcrum from which your life may spiral in infinite directions. Having a guide like Stephanie Dawn in preparing for your most significant life event, is essential. When I met her in Italy I felt both soothed and blown away. People wish to meet Angels, well that’s easy, because Stephanie is right here, available for families, an Earth~Angel, a messenger of God. I don’t say this lightly, you don’t need an intermediate, you need someone who BELIEVES in you. Stephanie somehow embodies that. She is an opera of deep experience, hard earned wisdom and intuition. There are many teachers on this planet, many are fragrant with knowledge. You can easily find their perfume, but Stephanie Dawn IS the living lavender plant.”

Robin Lim,
2011 CNN Hero, Midwife and Founder, Bumi Sehat Foundation
Ubud, Bali


Stephanie Dawn is a wise, amazing woman whose gentle nurturing presence touches all in her path. Her words and guidance will magnify your light, your ambition and your power to make change, personally as well as in the world! She is a dear soul sister who I am honored to share this path of creating change and shining the way to all that is possible in birth and life.”

Debra Pascali-Bonaro,
Doula, Author and Filmmaker, Orgasmic Birth
New Jersey


“Stephanie Dawn is an amazing mentor. Her work as a healer now and birth love warrior has been inspiring. Finding time to doula ourselves is important. Nurture yourselves, love yourselves and know that you are a blessing to this world.”

Yana Katsap-Nackman,


“Stephanie is a blessing to the birth community as well as families that are entering and living the journey of parenthood. Her calm, loving, intuitive nature holds space for personal exploration and transformation. This transformation allows the mother, father and baby to experience the birth consciously and filled with spirit. Through the work she does families are able to see their fears and let them go to birth in peace & love.

I was honored to be Stephanie’s Doula during the birth of her second son Zephyr. Through supporting her personal process I saw how deeply she “practices what she preaches” and embodies the sacred nature of birth. I am grateful for Stephanie’s presence in my life and highly recommend her to families preparing for birth and going through the journey of parenthood.”

Amanda Blake, Doula
Los Angeles


“I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the workbook. It is a joyful, helpful, calming, instructional, spirit filled group of directional gentle lessons for an exceptional birth that will be remembered as a blessed birth experience.”

Sherrie Long, Birth Doula
Cincinatti, Ohio


“I appreciate your workbook so much and am so happy to have found it so early in my pregnancy! Following the wisdom of your book encouraged me to work through many of my biggest fears and more importantly focus on the positive aspects of this transformative process. I incorporated many of the affirmations and prayers into my daily meditation practice which proved to be the solid foundation I needed to guide me through a 62 hour labor! Many thanks Stephanie for the light you shine for soon-to-be mamas.”

Nina Talley-Kalokoh
Largo, Maryland


“The Sacred Birth Workshop expanded our experience of pregnancy and allowed for a greater understanding of ourselves and our spirituality. Its teachings invited us to really delve into the sacredness of welcoming another life into the world. Stephanie Dawn is an excellent facilitator and her gifts of insight and healing were inspiring and enlightening. We recommend the workshop to anyone contemplating becoming parents!”

Colin & Caroline Walsh
New York City


“Words can’t express how grateful we are for the wisdom and guidance we received from you as we prepared to welcome our son, Kingston James, into the world. You asked us the questions that we hadn’t thought to ask ourselves, but that were crucial for us to explore as we faced the monumental transition into parenthood. Your dedication to the work of helping to facilitate sacred, spiritual births was a joy to witness. We felt supported and loved as we journeyed through your workshop and afterwards, as you continued to hold us in consciousness and check in with us to see how we were doing. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being such a beautiful part of our journey! We love and appreciate you more than you know.”

Kuwana Haulsey
Los Angeles


During labor, I went deep into meditation with the picture of a perfect, co-operative birth with my baby that I had formed through a visioning exercise we did with Stephanie. Thank you Stephanie for reminding me of the power of Spirit and prayer and for creaitng a space to celebrate and honor my process.

Beth Ann Nichols
New York, NY


Stephanie is excellent. I didn’t know what to expect coming into the workshop and got more than I could’ve imagined. She’s inspirational, extremely knowledgeable and comforting. My child’s birth will be sacred.

Jeremiah Smith
Los Angeles, CA


In my very first session with Stephanie she shed light on an issue that I had been struggling with for 3 years. It was a major obstacle in my marriage and ultimately for my fertility. I honestly thought it was something we were going to have to live with for the rest of our lives. It took me about a week to process what I learned and then out of nowhere it made absolute sense. One night while out for dinner with my husband I began talking about it. I realized what a burden this issue had been for him. Stephanie showed me a different way to look at our troubles and by taking responsibility for my share of the issue I was able to forgive my husband for his role in the situation. I could see a visible difference in my husband’s demeanor as I spoke. It was a remarkable dinner and the beginning of a deeper truth for my husband and me. We are stronger than ever. Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers!

Sudie Anning
New York City


Sacred Birth e-Workbook

Buy the Sacred Birth eWorkbook Now!

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