Speaking Topics


  • Restoring the Sanctity of Birth
  • Prosperity, Business and Birthwork
  • Birthing the Divine Feminine on Earth

Stephanie is available as a speaker, panelist, panel moderator, or workshop facilitator in the areas of the sanctity of birth, business abundance and birthwork, and feminine spirituality. To learn about her signature talks, please see below.

Stephanie’s Signature Talks


  • 3 Secrets to Creating a Birth Paradigm of Love
  • The Business of Being a Sacred Birthkeeper
  • Going Deeper: Understanding the Urgency of the Birth of the Divine Feminine

Stephanie’s Past Speaking Engagements

  • World Birth Summit, Damanhur, Italy
  • The Spirit of Birth Conference, Damanhur, Italy
  • The Womb Conference, online
  • Sacred Earth, Sacred Birth, Panel Moderator, Green Festival, Los Angeles
  • The Feminine Light in the Middle East Conference, Los Angeles
  • PregnantPreneur Project, online
  • 3 Secrets to Creating a New Paradigm of Birth, Center for Birth, Seattle, WA
  • Birth Heaven Now! NYC, NY
  • Birth Heaven Now! Asheville, NC
  • Birth Uncut, Reno, Nevada
  • Freedom for Birth, Panel Moderator, The Sanctuary, LA
  • My Birth Business Rocks Mastermind with Karen Brody, NYC
  • Birth Heaven Now!, The Sanctuary for Birth and Family Wellness, LA
  • The Business of Being a Sacred Birthkeeper, Santa Clarita Birth Center, CA
  • The Business of Being a Sacred Birthkeeper, Long Beach Birth Network
  • The Business of Being a Sacred Birthkeeper, Mama’s Wellness Joint, Philadelphia, PA
  • The Business of Being a Sacred Birthkeeper, OM Baby, Camp Hill, PA
  • The Business of Being a Sacred Birthkeeper, Birth Day Presence, SoHo
  • The Business of Being a Sacred Birthkeeper, Southwest Sanctuary, Portland, OR
  • The Business of Being a Sacred Birthkeeper, The Sanctuary, LA

Praise for Stephanie’s Talks

Robin Lim, 2011 CNN Hero, Midwife and Founder,
Bumi Sehat Foundation Ubud, Bali

Birth is the fulcrum from which your life may spiral in infinite directions. Having a guide like Stephanie Dawn in preparing for your most significant life event, is essential. When I met her in Italy I felt both soothed and blown away. People wish to meet Angels, well that’s easy, because Stephanie is right here, available for families, an Earth~Angel, a messenger of God. I don’t say this lightly, you don’t need an intermediate, you need someone who BELIEVES in you. Stephanie somehow embodies that. She is an opera of deep experience, hard earned wisdom and intuition. There are many teachers on this planet, many are fragrant with knowledge. You can easily find their perfume, but Stephanie Dawn IS the living lavender plant.

Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Author/Filmmaker
Orgasmic Birth

Stephanie Dawn is a wise, amazing woman whose gentle nurturing presence touches all in her path. Her words and guidance will magnify your light, your ambition and your power to make change, personally as well as in the world! She is a dear soul sister who I am honored to share this path of creating change and shining the way to all that is possible in birth and life.

Darla Adler Burns
Doulas for Surrogacy, CAPPA Faculty

I had the pleasure of hearing Stephanie Dawn speak recently to a group of doulas from varying levels of experience. The topic was Business, Abundance, and Birthwork and touched on the importance of placing value on the work we do as birthworkers, and about thinking more consciously about the clients we attract. Stephanie reminded us of self-care, in all aspects, and that doing the work we love can also be a way for us to support our families, without guilt. While I have been doing this work professionally for over 11 years, Stephanie's information really validated much of what I do as a business owner and gave me some new insight to improve my business and relationships with my clients. For the new doulas in the room, this information was definitely transformative. Stephanie is an intelligent, nurturing, and spiritual soul. I encourage all doulas to attend one of Stephanie Dawn's lectures.

About Stephanie

SDawn5Stephanie Dawn is a Spiritual Business Strategist and Mentor primarily working with the visionaries transforming the dominant birth paradigm from fear to love. Stephanie Dawn inspires hundreds of women around the world in the creation of a new paradigm of living, birthing and heart-centered business, with a focus on spiritual principles, personal responsibility, excellent self-care and financial and business know-how and wellness. She is the author of the Sacred Birth Workbook and the founder of the Sacred Birth Mentor Program, which offers birth professionals an opportunity to certify and teach Sacred Birth Work. She also created the 7 week Homestudy Course My Birth Business Rocks with playwright and founder of the BOLD Method for Birth, Karen Brody.

As a sacred birthkeeper dedicated to the restoring the sanctity of birth by bringing together the best of the Western Medical Model of Care with the very best of the Midwifery Model of Care, Stephanie seeks to support birth professionals around the world in embodying the divine feminine and supporting them to teach this to their clients. She has a deep dedication to growing women’s awareness of their divine feminine power in life, in birth and in business.

In her 20 years in the personal growth industry and 11 years in the birth world, Stephanie has traveled extensively both on an internal and global journey. She began her career as an actress in Vancouver, British Columbia where she played upon the stage for several years. Upon moving to California in 1991, she lived for 3 years on an organic citrus ranch, where her holistic studies truly began, leading her to the practice and studies of yoga, aromatherapy and massage.

Upon moving to Los Angeles, acting was soon replaced with activism as she began to feel a deep need to protect the old growth forests of her native British Columbia. During this time, her studies at Agape also began. She worked as a fundraiser, as well as a non-violent, civil disobedient activist with Rainforest Action Network, Greenpeace, Amazon Watch and the National Resources Defense Council, among others. In 1994 she attended services at Agape and by 2001 began serving as an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner for the next 12 years. 2004 saw the dawn of the first Sacred Birth Workshop and she continued to work with expectant couples for the next 6 years. In 2010 Stephanie took her work to Italy and the Sacred Birth Workbook was published in Italian. The Sacred Birth Mentor Program came into being at that time and now hundreds of women have matriculated through Stephanie’s programs. Stephanie is mother to two boys and lives with her husband in Los Angeles.