Sacred Birth Mentor Program

sbmp_logoThe Sacred Birth Mentor Program, a 3 level, 2 year certification program, will support you in bringing your awareness about life and birth to a whole new level. Together we will endeavor to become the Rainbow Bridge for the Midwifery Model of Care and the Western Medical Model of Care, replacing fear with love, darkness with light, stress with wellness and balance, and replace lack in the birth world with dynamic financial health and prosperity.

This program is designed for birth professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of their own spirituality and the spirituality and sanctity of birth as they learn the philosophy and components of Sacred Birth Work, created by Los Angeles spiritual counselor, business coach and mother, Stephanie Dawn. It is also designed to help them to succeed mightily in their chosen profession of birth work.

The Sacred Birth Mentor Program (SBMP) is a comprehensive spiritual, wellness & business education. Each week, topics rarely covered for birth professionals are examined and deepened, including spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation, affirmations, contemplation and visioning. Understanding fear, pleasure and birth, the power of forgiveness, conscious conception/fertility and spiritual counseling are the main topics covered in Level 1. Level 2 adds in business, including sales and marketing and Level 3 brings it all together in real world terms via 1:1 counsel and coaching, as well as group calls. At the end of the two years, participants will be certified as a Sacred Birth Counselor, or CSBC, able to teach Sacred Birth Work, the Sacred Birth Workshop and offer Sacred Birth Counseling sessions to clients.

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Sacred Birth Mentor Program~ Level 1

Level 1 is a 3 month, 10 class program that includes instruction and counsel on the principles and benefits of Sacred Birth Work and the practicalities of weaving it into your unique profession and teaching this work in your city or town and. Each class covers an aspect of this new paradigm of childbirth education and deepens the awareness of how it will impact your life, your client’s lives and your chosen profession. Each class begins and ends with prayer.

  • Class 1 ~ Orientation ~ Spirituality, Your Spirituality and the Principles of Sacred Birth Work
  • Class 2 ~ Spiritual Practices ~ Prayer and Meditation
  • Class 3 ~ Empowerment ~ Fear and Ecstasy
  • Class 4 ~ Excellent Self – Care ~ Mental, Emotional, Spiritual & Physical
  • Class 5 ~ Forgiveness: The Path to Personal Freedom
  • Class 6 ~ Conscious Conception and Fertility
  • Class 7 ~ Spiritual Practices ~ Affirmations, Contemplation and Visioning
  • Class 8 ~ Sacred Birth Counseling techniques for the changing identities brought on by new parenthood/early loss and grief
  • Class 9 ~ Prenatal and Postpartum Intimacy
  • Class 10 ~ Summation

Required Books: Sacred Birth Workbook by Stephanie Dawn (Participants receive the Sacred Birth Workbook upon registration), Spiritual Liberation by Michael Bernard Beckwith, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom by Christiane Northrup, Orgasmic Birth by Elizabeth Davis and Debra Pascali-Bonaro.

Pre-requisite: Completion of Birth Heaven Now! Homestudy for Birth Pros (, a fulfilled Application for Sacred Birth Mentor Program for Level 1.

What you will receive:

  • 9 Live Tele-classes with Stephanie
  • Sacred Birth Mentor Program Curriculum
  • Monthly ‘Birth Church’
  • 2 1:1 60 minute Counseling Sessions with Stephanie
  • Sacred Birth Tribe Level 1 Private Facebook Group
  • Prayer Partnership

Past Guest Speakers include: Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Elizabeth Davis, Nekole Shapiro on Pleasure and Birth, Elly Taylor on Relationships, Mary Goyer on Holistic Fertility and Deborah Wilder on Excellent Self-Care.


Sacred Birth Mentor Program~ Level 2

Level 2 is 4 months in length, beginning in February and September, and is a deepening of Level 1 in the realms of Understanding Spiritual Principles, Spiritual Practices, Creating Empowerment in Pregnancy and Birth, Sacred Birth Counseling Techniques and Excellent Self-Care, with the addition of the business topics: Sacred Client Enrollment, Creating Successful Workshops and Speaking to Promote Your Work/Sacred Birth Work and Workshops.

  • Class 1 ~ Why Sacred Birth Work? ~ Visioning, Praying, Affirming and Meditating on the Dawning of a New Paradigm of Birth in Your Life and The World.
  • Class 2 ~ Prayer ~ Why we Pray ~ The 5 step Affirmative Prayer broken down, The Language and Practice of Prayer in your Life and Work ~ How Prayer Changes the Brain and Ultimately Your/Your Clients Life
  • Class 3 ~ Meditation ~ Learn and practice the many meditations Stephanie offers in Sacred Birth Work and their importance
  • Class 4 ~ Excellent Self-Care ~ Using Chakras to support the full spectrum of prenatal and postpartum wellness for Mamas and their Mates.
  • Class 5 ~ Sacred Birth Counseling Techniques; Working with Spiritual Principles and Hidden Beliefs
  • Class 6 ~ Forgiveness: The Path to Personal and Professional Freedom
  • Class 7 ~ Sacred Client Attraction and Enrollment ~ Powerful tools to help you attract and secure clients that are a match for you
  • Class 8 ~ Creating Successful Workshops; Building your business by giving it away! “Three Secrets to a Peaceful Pregnancy Workshop” Made Easy!
  • Class 9~ Speaking and Marketing to Promote Sacred Birth Work, Your Great Work and the New Paradigm of Birth

Required Books: The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes, How God Changes Your Brain by Andrew Newberg, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom by Dr. Christiane Northrup

What you will receive:

  • 9 Live Tele-classes
  • Sacred Birth Mentor Program Level 2 Curriculum
  • Monthly ‘Birth Church’
  • 2 1:1 60 minute Counseling Sessions with Stephanie
  • Special Guests TBA
  • Sacred Birth Tribe Level 2 Private Facebook Group
  • Prayer Partnership

Past Guest Speakers Include: Dr. Payam Hakimi, DO and Naturopathic Doctor, founder of ChakraBiology; Celeste McNeal, CSBC, Doula, Kundalini Yoga Teacher.


Sacred Birth Mentor Program ~ Level 3

Level 3 is 12 months in length and is an opportunity to take everything from Level 1 & 2 and integrate into a Sacred Birth mentee’s life and work. In this level mentees receive major monthly handholding with Stephanie via 1:1 Sacred Birth Mentor and Business Coaching, and 1 Monthly Coaching Call (Birth Church) to integrate every aspect of this work more deeply and intimately into their life and business. The timing of each session will be custom designed to each mentee’s life and schedule. Mentees gain access to the Private Level 3 Facebook group. And…this is a big one: receive the complete recordings (7) of the My Birth Business Rocks Homestudy Course. ($497 Value)

What you will receive:

  • 10 60 Minute Phone or Skype Sessions with Stephanie
  • Monthly ‘Birth Church’
  • My Birth Business Rocks 7 week Homestudy Course with Stephanie Dawn and Karen Brody (
  • Sacred Birth Tribe Level 3 Facebook Group
  • Prayer Partnership

You are required to submit for Final CSBC Certification:

  • 3 Sacred Birth Case Studies (Written Reports)
  • 3 Sacred Birth Counseling Sessions (Written Reports)
  • 10 Written Prayers
  • Offer the Sacred Birth Workshop, either via 1 Day Immersion, 3-4 weekly class series, or via tele-class. Written report required.
  • Completion and Submission of Level 3 Final Test (open book, handwritten within a two week time period)


Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is this program for?

This program is for midwives, doulas, lactation consultants, childbirth educators, prenatal yoga instructors, placenta encapsulators and all birth arts practitioners and birthpreneurs.

When does Level 1 Begin?

April 2014 and October 2014

When does Level 2 Begin?

September 2014 and January 2015

When does Level 3 Begin?

September 2014 and January 2015

Am I required to complete all levels?

No. But you only have two years to complete all 3 Levels if you would like certification.

What does it cost?

All pricing is below.

Are there payment plans?


Do you offer scholarships?

Partial scholarships are offered for true financial need. Click here to apply.


Sacred Birth Mentor Program – Payment Options

Level 1 ~ $997 Full Payment or Payment Plan: 3 payments of $333

Level 2 ~ $997 Full Payment or Payment Plan: 3 payments of $333

Level 3 ~ $1497 Full Payment or Payment Plan: 4 payments of $375

Pre-requisite for the Mentor Program is the Birth Heaven Now! Homestudy Program. Once you have successfully completed Birth Heaven Now! you may apply for Level 1. You must also apply for Level 2 of the Mentor Program. There is a $25 Application Fee for both Level 1 and 2. Level 3 requires a 1/2 hour Clarity Session with Stephanie to determine acceptance. There is no charge for this Clarity Session. Payments for the Mentor Program are accepted via credit card, check and PayPal. Please click on the below link to fulfill and submit your application.


Partial Scholarships
Partial scholarships are available for those with true financial need. You must submit a scholarship application to be considered. No full scholarships are available. Please click here to apply.



Human Rights in Childbirth. For more information please go to

Testimonials from Mentees


Tanya Wills, 3rd Level SBMP
Tanya Wills, Birth Doula
3rd Level SBMP Mentee

Working with Stephanie through the Sacred Birth Mentor Program and also in private sessions has had a profound impact on everything I do - in my work as a doula and childbirth educator and everything in my relationships with my peers, clients, and my own family. The clients I want to find me are now able to find me. I am able to reach my doula clients in a way I never could before and connect with them more deeply. I am able to help them find their own inner authority and never ignore their inner voices. I finally feel like I am helping my clients find their own inner wisdom and knowledge about birth that they never knew they had. And the same would be true for myself. Working with Stephanie has helped me recognize the deepest knowledge I have about who I truly am, and why I am on this planet. And now that I know, I am so excited to move forward in my birth work. Thank you, Stephanie!"

Tiffany Hoffman, Doula, Reiki Practioner and Masseuse First Level SBMP Mentee Reno, Nevada
Tiffany Hoffman, Doula, Reiki Practioner and Masseuse
First Level SBMP Mentee

I first began my journey with Stephanie when I heard her free class "Creating a New Paradigm of Birth” not once but twice. Her descriptions of Birth Heaven and Birth Hell mirrored my own experiences as a doula and as a mother with my own story of Birth Hell. I had been searching for quite a while for a way to incorporate spirituality into the birth experiences of my clients, as it was clear it was a missing piece of the positive birth experience puzzle. I continued with Stephanie in Birth Heaven Now! and to say it changed my business isn’t enough, it changed my life. Almost without effort my business blossomed and I was able to stand in my worth. The mentorship Program has taken all of what I had learned to a new and more profound level. The emphasis on self-care goes deeper than just making time for yourself, it creates the opportunity for you to look at the reasons why you aren’t taking the critical time needed for yourself, which for me has been vital. The one-on-one sessions with Stephanie are invaluable and are my favorite piece of the program. If you are looking for a way to deepen the spiritual experience of birth not only for your clients but for yourself, then I cannot recommend Stephanie’s program highly enough.

Julie Guieb, Doula
Julie Guieb, Doula
Second Level SBMP Mentee

This program has helped me uncover a whole side of myself that I have been hiding my entire life. My intention in the course was to help my birth doula practice, but I have found that my personal life was in need of the teachings and tools provided. I have seen and felt both the positive and negative that comes with awakening the spirit. I feel that I am now able to embrace anything that resonates in my daily life. I have never felt such sincere energy and support from a group that is located all over the world. These women have left an imprint on my heart.

Beverly Ketchum, Doula
Beverly Ketchum, Doula
First Level SBMP Mentee

As a result of taking Stephanie Dawn’s Sacred Birth Mentor Program Level 1, I have a different outlook as a birthing professional. Stephanie has shed light on what I considered a dark place. At times being a birthing professional can be so difficult, but after taking the Sacred Birth Mentor Program, I have become stronger in my beliefs as a birthing professional or as Stephanie calls it a “Spiritual Midwife“. The class has helped me to take an honest look at the birthing experience and see it in a whole new light. I have been creating a new expectation of birth for my clients. The meditation, prayer, visioning and spiritual practices were beneficial, and they have transformed my fears into faith. The spiritual tools have been useful in my personal life as well as my birthing professional life. It has empowered me to be bold, loving, open hearted, powerful, gentle and strong. Thank you beautiful Angel ~ Stephanie Dawn.

Kelli Haywood, Doula and Birth Educator
Kelli Haywood, Doula and Birth Educator
3rd Level SBMP Mentee

The Sacred Birth Mentor Program has changed the way I approach my work by making me fresh, inspiring my very best, and providing me with the skills to bring a holistic outlook to the work I do with mothers. It is as much about taking care of yourself as an integral part of the work we are doing as it is about taking care of others. I have learned that without self renewal, I am in no way able to give all I can to my work. While many organizations offer us the basics and the necessary information to begin a business and even be successful, the Sacred Birth Mentor Program gives the tools to make it shine. This program helped me to create a business that is unique and truly something I am able to give to the movement of empowered birth.

Daya Marron, Doula
Daya Marron, Doula
1st Level SBMP Mentee

The Sacred Birth Mentor Program has been an amazing experience for me. Not only did I meet amazing people but formed beautiful friendships and sisterhood connections. The value of having us share our experiences within our global communities, to be able to support one another personally and professionally and to be able to connect with one another on a spiritual level was priceless. Its been an unforgettable 9 weeks that will always remain within me. The work doesn’t stop at the end of the class, it continues within us and our communities. Stephanie is a treasure, a beautiful gem for whom I am eternally grateful for knowing.

Adriana Sarasvati, Prenatal Yoga Instructor
Adriana Sarasvati, Prenatal Yoga Instructor
1st Level SBMP Mentee

My coaching sessions with Stephanie have been life-changing. I have been on a conscious spiritual path for over ten years now and I still have times when I fall under the sway of fears- especially since becoming a mom. Things stabilized for us by the time the course started, but after I had my sessions with Stephanie, there was a huge shift in my consciousness. I really started to see how from one day to the next I could easily change the course of a situation from good with many opportunities, to bad, with no way out depending on my state of mind. Stephanie was my angel voice reminding me of my Divine nature and that I had the power to effect & change my situation just by changing my thoughts/beliefs- she reminds me to use my tools & put them into practice – they are my life line now. Since our sessions, my husband’s work has started flowing in- the attendance of my classes have doubled or tripled in some cases and I have been making more connections in my community related to Sacred Birth Work.

Lissett Muhr, Sacred Birth Mentee, CD(Dona), HBCE Belly Wisdom Doula Services & HypnoBirthing
Lissett Muhr, Sacred Birth Mentee, CD(Dona), HBCE Belly Wisdom Doula Services & HypnoBirthing
1st Level SBMP Mentee

Stephanie’s courage and dedication to bring this work into the birthing world has been extremely inspiring. The mentor program has not only changed how I support the families I work with, but also how I work with myself. Creating sacred space has taken on a bigger and deeper meaning for my life and my work.

April Kurtyka, Sacred Birth Mentee, IBCLC
April Kurtyka, Sacred Birth Mentee, IBCLC
First Level SBMP Mentee

The Sacred Birth Mentor program has transformed me. It has guided me to the path I’ve been in search of all my life. Stephanie is a wealth of peace and empowerment, this program is simply priceless.



Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Dawn mentors extraordinary birth professionals who understand their responsibility in creating a new paradigm of birth. She is the creator of Sacred Birth Work, a teaching she offers via the Sacred Birth Mentor Program to certify birth professionals internationally who desire to teach this work. She is the author of The Sacred Birth Workbook, ( which is a step by step road map for expectant parents who are keen on pregnancy as a spiritual practice and how they can transmute fear and create confidence, practice excellent self-care, and experience a heightened awareness of the transformative landscape of birth, utilizing practical and spiritual tools to create a sacred birth. Known for blending her practical experience of having two natural births, (one at home and one in the hospital) and her years of teaching and practicing spiritual principles, Stephanie supports her clients and mentees as they energize the path of spiritual practice, excellent self-care and birth entrepreneurship to manifest their mission and live their true calling. She is passionate about empowering spirit-led, purpose-driven birth professionals with the deep desire to create change, all while honoring themselves, their families and the clients they care for, truly the ‘spiritual’ midwives of the new paradigm. Stephanie is an international speaker and educator and lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children.

Love & Light,